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Product Review: Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory, The RIghteous Butter, Sugar Crush, Butter Yourself Super Rich, The Everyday Journalista I’ve been a fan of Soap and Glory for a number of years now. There is something about the fragrance of their products that I just can’t resist. My first experience was with the body scrubs. I just loved the smell and the product itself left my skin feeling smooth without the rawness that some exfoliants with larger granules can. More recently I have been trying some of their body creams, each with their own cute packaging and clever names. I received this trio combo as a gift and couldn’t wait to give them a try.

The Righteous Butter, Body Moisturizer:

This one is by far my favorite although I struggle to describe its’ fragrance. To me it has this vintage smell to it, and I don’t mean that like old and musty, but like classic and refined. It seems to be a rose type smell, and I don’t tend to be drawn to that type of fragrance but I’m telling you I can’t get enough of this one. This one is the very dry skin formula so it’s nice and thick and super nourishing. I put it on after the shower and it absorbs so nicely into the skin leaving no stickiness. I feel like I don’t even need to wear a perfume when I apply this after the shower as the fragrance lingers on the skin.

Butter Yourself Super Rich Bodycream:

This creams fragrance is made up of frozen yuzu (I have no idea what that is), orange oil, green fig, and jungle pomelo. It’s a nice smell, fresh. The cream itself is again, really smooth and thick (a little thicker than the Sugar Crush) and it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream:

The citrus images on the packaging are an accurate indicator of the product within. To me the fragrance smells exactly like limes and sugar. The cream is thick and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it smooth, with a quite strong fragrance of lime. For me, the product was great but the fragrance a little too sweet.

Overall I would definitely recommend all of these creams, as the products are all comparable with regards to absorption and their ability to moisturize. It’s really a matter of which fragrance you prefer. I hope you get a chance to enjoy one, or all of these fun products.

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