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March Favorites

I feel like I should write some kind of intro here but really it's exactly what the title says. These are some of my favorite things from the last month. This month has gone by so quickly - why is it that time seems to move faster and faster the older you get? I feel like we just got through Christmas and it's already just about Easter! What is that all about?! Anyway each month I am going to share some of the recipes, products, and media I have been enjoying over the month and will provide a brief blurb about each. This month I am sharing my favorite sweet treat recipe, beauty product, dinner recipe, YouTuber, App, and clothing item. These are not my faves ever; just those I have been loving over the past month. Hope you enjoy!


Favorite Sweet Treat Recipe: Rice Krispies Treats

rice krispies, the everyday journalista, sweet treats, marshmallow, monthly favoritesAn oldie but a goodie! I just used the original Rice Krispies Treat recipe from the back of the box. Then after the marshmallows and butter are melted I add a couple drops of food coloring (I sometimes add a splash of vanilla too!). For Easter you could tint it pink or lilac. Then remove from the heat and add the Rice Krispies. Another thing I like to do is add some mini marshmallows at this point. They will melt a little but leave you with some yummy spots of marshmallow through out. If you don't want the marshmallows to melt completely, you pop them in the freezer for a bit before adding them to your Rice Krispies marshmallow mix. I love this little trick! I have made Rice Krispies treats several times this month for both a bake sale and for recess snacks.


Favorite Beauty Product: Mac Shadow - Brulee

rice krispies, the everyday journalista, sweet treats, marshmallow, monthly favoritesI have been on the look out for a matte neutral shadow for sometime now. Trying to be cost conscious I have tried more than a few drugstore brands, looking for that illusive matte shadow. I don’t know what it is but matte neutrals at the drugstore price point are just not out there, at least in my experience. Earlier this month I visited my local Mac store. They have every shade you could possibly want. Many of the beauty bloggers on YouTube that I follow rave about Brulee and its place as a go-to neutral matte shade. So based on that, and the recommendation from the in-store make-up artist, I purchased Brulee. Obviously I paid a little more than I would have at the drugstore but I got exactly what I wanted and I’m thrilled with it. I have worn it almost everyday since I purchased it :).


Favorite Dinner Recipe: Homemade Mac & Cheese

I have made this recipe several times over the past month. Typically when I have made homemade mac and cheese in the past I have used a Béchamel sauce, but this recipe uses evaporated milk. I followed the recipe pretty closely except that after it was prepared I turned it into a 8X8 dish, topped it with some additional cheese and/or panko and baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. The kids and the husband all asked for a repeat performance! And I thought it was really yummy too! Link to the recipe here.


Favorite Online Personality: Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson, the everyday journalista, beauty you tuber, you tube, monthly favorites, make up, make up artistKandee is a make-up artist and YouTube beauty guru. Not only is Kandee a really talented make-up artist she also does some absolutely jaw dropping transformations as she recreates looks ranging from Elsa to Angelina Jolie. She has even done a Barbie Doll transformation. Her make-up looks tend to be pretty high coverage but she is so fun to watch and definitely an artist at her craft. Kandee is full of energy, love and positivity and you can’t help but smile when you watch her videos. I totally recommend checking out her channel.


Favorite App: Relax Melodies

the everyday journalista, monthly favorites, favorite app, relaxing soundsRelax melodies is a free sleep aid app. I use this app every night. The app offers a large and varied selection of sounds to choose from. Ranging from your typical nature sounds like ocean and thunderstorm to some soundtracks that will quickly become favorites. Zen and Butterfly are a couple of my new faves. The coolest part, I think, is that you can layer the sounds to create a custom sound that will help you relax and/or sleep best. It also has timers and alarms. I just use it as a noisemaker and I love it! My nightly sound is river… a classic, I know, but it offers a consistent soothing sounds that keeps my 'Mother's Ear' from picking up on every little cough and movement my children make even though their rooms are across the hall ;)


Favorite Clothing Item: Leggings

Leggings, comfortable fashion, the everyday journalista, monthly favorites, favorite clothing item, fashion,This month I have been wearing my leggings a lot. Leggings have become a go-to item in my wardrobe. Paired with a mid-thigh length blouse, belt and boots I'm ready for that lunch meeting for work, but can still easily play My Little Pony on the floor when I get home. On more relaxed days I just throw on a long sweater with my leggings and of course my cozy slippers and ready to work from home or spend the day doing house work or laying on the floor coloring with my daughter. As you can see from the photo most of my leggings are pretty tame compared to some of the fun patterns available out there. Perhaps now that spring is here I will experiment with some colored leggings. Leggings can be dressed up or down and most importantly allow me to be comfy while still looking put together, crucial for the busy girl I am.


I would love to hear what you have been loving this month. Please let me know in the comments :).

Enjoy the Everyday


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