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Welcome to the Mind of the Journalista

Journaling, Writing a journal, Everyday Journalista Doing this, starting this blog, is something I’ve wanted to do for literally years. I’ve been journaling since I was about 12 years old… and lets just say that was a few decades ago. I actually have a Rubbermaid bin full of my journals.


What an experience it is to sit down and flip through them from time to time. I think the high school years are the most entertaining. The drama of the teenage mind… The crazy part is I remember how real and intense those situations and feeling were. I thought I had it all figured out at 15… too funny.


Through some periods of my life you would think that I was the most miserable hard done by person around. I had actually used my journaling as a way of venting, a way to work through emotional or hurtful things. When I was happy or when things were going well I didn’t have anything to say because I was out there having a great time!


Then I went through the being grateful period (thanks Oprah!) where I wrote down 3 things each day that I was grateful for. This is a good exercise in positive thinking but the reality is that life isn’t always rainbows and cotton candy. As I have moved through my journaling life I have adjusted my approach depending on my needs at the time.


For a while now I have been treating my journal almost like a history of my life and that of my children and family. Documenting the daily goings on, even the weather sometimes (my Nana always did that), birthday party ideas, if my dinner turned out as good as I’d hoped or if it was an epic fail, along with some more in depth rants when needed and of course documenting memories worth keeping. When I do need a good purging session I now have another journal, that I have had going for years, that I just sit down to and write in. For me it is therapeutic. I’m one of those people who feels every emotion deeply. So when something is weighing on me, usually in a negative emotional way, I feel compelled to get those emotions out. A lot of the time paper is the safest place for me to do that.


This blog will be an extension of that. I’m going to be honest and emotional, nerdy and hopefully funny. I’m going to be me and I hope you will find it interesting and quirky enough to stick around. Join me on my journey in the everyday!

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