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Excited for Spring!

Spring Crocus, Spring, The Everyday JournalistaI really think spring has arrived! I know much of Canada and the eastern US has been suffering though weeks of snow and frigid temperatures, and this certainly isn’t meant as bragging but we really haven’t had much in the way of winter on the west coast this year. Personally, being originally from the eastern part of Canada, I love snow and crisp wintery days. But as I listen to my sister and mom (who still live out there) report to me almost daily about how cold it is and how miserable they are, I am counting myself fortunate to be living where I do.

Don't get me wrong I would take snow any day over the numerous days of rain we get here, and I certainly don’t appreciate my neighbour who is out there mowing his lawn in February! Who does that?!

Spring Crocus, Spring, I love Spring, The Everyday JournalistaWe have had sunny days and mild temperatures of late and spring is definitely in the air. The photos linked to today’s post were taken in my front yard. Amazing aren’t they? And my first tulip officially opened 3 days ago!

Spring is my favorite time of year for flowers and trees blooming. And then there are sunny skies and crocuses and tulips adding much needed color to the drab winter landscape. As I look out my window here this morning watching my neighbourhood Steller’s jay make her daily visit to my birdfeeder I take a minute to stop and enjoy the beauty that is spring.

Our lives get so busy sometimes, well most of the time, balancing work and kids and home that we may forget to be present in the now and take in the simple beauty that surrounds us. My daily challenge is to try to get more of that. Being present in each part of my day and being able to enjoy the many simple pleasures and moments that touch our lives each day. Sadly I’m failing epically at this at the moment but on the upside I never stop trying.

Spring Crocus, Spring, I love Spring, The Everyday Journalista

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