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Adventure Jar

It doesn’t matter where we go or how long we are gone my kids always want to have a keepsake to bring back with them. From walking down to the park by our house to spending a few days at the beach in Point Roberts they seem to have a need to bring a part of it home with them. This all started at a very young age for my son. We would be at the river for a walk and he would pick up a rock, or ten, and want to bring them home. As he got older and my daughter entered the picture they both began doing it.

It’s not always a rock, it could be a stick or a shell, or a piece of beach glass. Left to his own, my son would bring home the biggest rock he could manage, but I try to limit him to one or two rocks that are of reasonable size. My daughter prefers sticks and shells. Many times I don’t even realize they have picked something up until I find a handful of what I would call debris in the back of my car.

When this first started happening I thought I would just let them bring it home and then release it back into nature (leave it outside) somewhere at home. Like most kids mine don’t miss a beat and were quickly on to my plot to throw away their 'treasures'.

Finally, almost out of necessity, I came up with the idea of an Adventure Jar. I told them we were going to have a special spot were they could place the little treasures they collected from our various outings. They would all be in one place, as a happy reminder.

I bought a tall glass cylinder vase and we slowly started to fill it up. That was several years ago now and this is what our adventure jar looks like today! I have it as a focal point in our living room and I absolutely love it. It is a symbol of the many fun times we have shared as a family and a way for my children to keep their little keepsakes from our everyday adventures and special trips.

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