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A Family that Journals Together...

This past Christmas I received a gift card for Chapters from my Mom. This was one of my favourite gifts because with the end of December comes the New Year and with that a new journal for me :). Let’s just say I’m quite particular about my journal. I am the Everyday Journalista after all ;) I always find myself drawn to the all the beautiful journals at the bookstore. Shelves of books that keep all our thoughts, feelings, lists, dreams… our everyday, bound together with an inspiring design or encouraging word. There is something just so amazing to me about that. I have decades worth journals! Many different layouts, styles and designs, and yet I am always on the hunt for that next ‘special’ book.


After purchasing my journal of choice with my gift card I had a little money left. So I kept looking. I was making my way through the shelves when this book caught my eye and I knew I had to take a closer look.

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Just as the title so clearly indicates this is a book of questions that you ask your kids. Everyday of the year has a page that is divided up into three sections. The idea is that you will go through this book with your child each day of the year and answer the questions. Once the questions have all be answered you start all over with the same questions, and do that over 3 consecutive years. So, for instance, every November 20th you will ask the same question. Over the 3-year period you will be able to see and share with your child their answers as they grow and mature.

This is such a cool idea! In my 'everyday' journal I’m constantly writing little things my kids say and stories they share in an attempt to capture who they are as people today and how that changes and develops over time. This book allows you to really see and enjoy that process in the best possible way and the kids get to be a part of the fun as well.

Needless to say I did not look at another book that day and we have been filling it out for the last 9 months. The great part is you can really start these types of books any time of the year.

Now, I want to be honest and tell you that we do not always get the chance to fill it out everyday but it’s no big deal. We just get caught up the next time. No pressure :)

It has been so much fun for me to listen to the answers my children come up with and to watch them as they contemplate the answers to questions like:

  • When were you brave?
  • If you could fly right now, where would you go?
  • Would you rather travel back in time or go to outer space? Why?

The variety in the types of questions is great and often ends up sparking a lively conversation.

Q&A a day, Journaling, The Everyday Journalista, Everyday Journalista, Family Fun, Parent Child Relationship,

Now this book is marketed towards one parent and child, but I have adapted it to suit my two children quite easily. Each evening I just draw a little line down the center of the page and before we start our bedtime story we spend a few minutes talking about the day’s question. If we are sharing story-time together I make them take turns on who answers the question first. My kids are very different and are not likely to copy or be influenced by each other’s answers but I like to give them equal opportunity to take the lead in answering. The other rule is that you are not allowed to say an answer you think the other should give. It gets pretty funny sometimes :)

I cannot say how cool I think this is and how very much my children and I have enjoyed going through it together.

I have personally enjoyed it so much in fact that at the beginning of summer I was once again perusing the journals at my local bookstore when I came across this…

Q&A a day, Journaling, The Everyday Journalista, Everyday Journalista, Family Fun, Parent Child Relationship,

Yes, that’s right! It’s a Q&A a day for couples! This book is essentially the same as the kids version in that you are presented with one question each day that is repeated once per year over the 3 years of the journal. It is different in that both you and your spouse have a designated spot to answer each question…red lines for one and blue for the other under each day.

So since July 1st my husband and I have been filling out our little journal. Once again we have not been able to complete the question every single day. But we just catch up when we can and it’s been a lot of fun so far. It’s almost like having a little note you're passing back and forth. I fill out my question usually at some point during the day and then place it on my husband’s bedside table. He usually will take a few minutes with the journal before bed at night.

Q&A a day, Journaling, The Everyday Journalista, Everyday Journalista, Family Fun, Parent Child Relationship,

It’s been a lot of fun answering questions like:

  • What’s your partner’s favorite beverage?
  • What do you need to throw away?
  • If your partner were a superhero, what would he or she be called?

And more thought provoking questions like:

  • What keeps you grounded?
  • Trust feels like ________
  • What’s the prevailing theme of your life?

I think it will be really cool to revisit these questions over the next three years. Re-reading old answers and adding new ones.

I've other Q&A style books like this out there as well. There are versions you can complete just on your own, as well as one line a day journals.

Whether you are an avid journaler or have never journaled at all the Q&A a day journals are a great introduction to journaling as well as a great way to connect with your children or partner through journaling.


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