I have all these grandiose plans and ideas. So many things I want to do and be. I make lists and outlines and set goals. I get things organized, I get things started, and then… I slip or miss a deadline or there’s a delay or barrier to my progress… I start to loose momentum and before I know it I’m dead in the water!

Has this ever happened to you?

I become paralyzed by procrastination. The worst part for me is that I’m aware of it! I see that if I just start something, anything, I will continue to make progress and yet… I do nothing.

This blog is a perfect case in point. I have not posted in months and it all started with missing one deadline. When I tried to get back on track again I became overwhelmed with feelings of failure for not sticking to my posting schedule goal. Then I got stuck in the endless pit of excuses and reasons to not continue and I gave up! I quit.

My perfectionist personality would rather not do anything than do something less than perfect. I find at times that this ends up holding me back from not only trying new things but also from moving forward with goals or projects. 

Back to the blog…

Finally I came up with a topic for my next post. I took all my photos and had even started writing. Then as I was prepping to put it all together I was flooded with thoughts of doubt, uncertainty and fear of failure. I never ended up posting it.

And it got me to thinking… the only thing preventing my progress, my success, is ME!!

I recently heard a clip of Kate Winslett discussing that when she was young she was basically told that she would never get anywhere with acting. She didn’t let that or anything else distract or discourage her away from the path she wanted. It may have been true that she wasn’t that great at the time but she continued on and learned and developed and grew… she persevered!

What’s holding me back? What’s holding any of us back from achieving our goals? I believe it’s perseverance! Keep doing the work, keep moving forward in some capacity. It might not be great, it might not be what you would like your end product to be but it’s something, it’s a step closer to what you want, it’s progress!

So today I’m posting! It’s not perfect, it’s not ground breaking, but it’s something, it’s real, it’s progress, and with that I’m one step closer to my dream than I was yesterday.


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