Today I wanted to share with you a flip-through of my B6 Travellers Notebook.

Planning in a travellers notebook is relatively new for me but I have to say I am completely hooked! Traditionally I am a person who journals and memory keeps in my planner. When I came across the world of midori and travellers notebooks I was instantly drawn to the creativity and customization it allows for. But being a creature of habit, I was hesitant change things up.

About 7 months ago I purchased my first printable insert with the mindset that I would give it a try for a month in addition to my regular planner. So with nothing to lose I jumped in and boy I’m so happy I did!

This style of planning really is customizable to you and your needs. It can also grow and change as you do. It has allowed me to combine numerous other planning and tracking routines into one super cute and creative space. I am now able to keep track of my monthly, weekly and daily schedule, memory keep, habit track, meal plan, budget and track my expenses, plan all my social media and events in detail, as well as draw/sketch and be creative.

If you want to have a look at my current set up please visit my YouTube video below. I hope you enjoy :)